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LOK: Malik by Raisenka LOK: Malik by Raisenka
Name: Malik
Age: 22
Element: fire
From: Earth kingdom origional he's currently in republic city
For/Against: Neutral.
gender: Male

Likes: sour foods, wine, drinking, women, jazz music, playing with fire and setting things on fire, and Coca.

Dislikes: Kids, commitment, sweet foods, silence, people telling him he has to be and act a certain way.

things he's most like to say/shout:

"Honour? Meeee? PFFFT Please buddy. you got the wrong Guy."
"Coca...put the child back.."
"she's not listening to me..."
"I'd say you got cock blocked bro."
"AHAHAAHAHA...Ahhhh you're a funny guy."

Personality: Malik is a very hot-headed guy that doesn't really think about what he's about to do, he just acts, and it usually comes to bite him back in the ass, he's stubborn to a point but not completely uncooperative. Sometimes he just likes to sit back and watch the clouds with Coca, he's ABSOLUTELY terrified of commitment and usually ends up fleeing, he's got no honour over running away, and really only pride's himself on his bending, although when spoken to he's friendly, unless their children...cause then he just don't have patience for kids.EVER. but unluckily for him that Coca LOVES children and always brings him kids,he carries his regerts and tries not to let people see or talk to him about them, he doesn't like trudging up the past, thats what it is to him, its in the past. or so he likes to believe.


Malik was born in the earth kingdom to two earth benders, both where very proud to add an another addition to the family, he was the middle child between his older brother and his younger sister, both of whom where earth bender's, so it was assumed he would follow in their footsteps and be an earth bender as well. But well it was rather surprising to find that instead of earth, he bent the very will of fire itself, his parent's where confused but none the less happy for the boy, towards the age of 14 Malik found Coca. Well 'found' is a rather small understatement, He 'STOLE' Coca when she was just a pup, it was a rather amusing site watching the two of them BLUNDER through the city, clearly out to cause chao's.

Malik slowly turned 16 it was growing obvious that he wasn't quiet as well behaved as his siblings, often getting in to fights and often topping most of his opponents...expect for one girl that he had fallen in love with, a taveling Air -nomad, now mind you he was only 16 at the time of this said 'love', it went on for about 2 year's this back and forth flirting and he couldn't have been happier...until it produced a child...a child Malik didn't want. So he ran in fear and desperation, he didn't want a child! he was barely out of his teenage year's, the idea of being tied down to someone terrified him, so he kept running from the kingdom, abandon everything that he knew and loved, traveling across the land as he grew he finally reached the glorious republic city~!hear he was hoping to earn his fame...

Well bad luck seems to travel with the poor guy and his first day in the city ended up with him getting in to dangerous fight, he ended up getting beaten to the brink of death, having been left in an allyway to die, his only faithful compiaion Coca, gave no option but to carry him, so she did! She followed her nose to the smell of cooking fish and ended up crashing through the hobbo's underground house area....this is where she faithful chucked her owner on a rather terrified waterbender and slight confused earth bender. Who had little but no choice to help the rather heavy k-o'd man, who awoken with a feeling that he had the worst hangover ever and he was assuming that Coca was probably sleeping on him again which why everything hurt..but none he awoke to a rather too close for comfort face of Bolvik. who gave him a cheesy grin, pronouncing that since Malik crashed through their homes that he owed them! so Malik was roped in to being their firebender...much to his annoyance and complaining, but once Katavina put her foot down, he just accepted with a huff.

Unluckily for him...his past is about to catch up to him and bite him in the ass..once more.

Other facts:
- his bending is very Tiger Fighting Style ([link] like this :3 if anyone is curious~)
-Malik is defensive over people he's come to care for.
- there are very few things Malik will do with 100% him, bending is one of them, coca is the second and the third is his team.

;U; eeee MALIIK <3
GAH I love him ;A; who am I kidding? I love all my Oc's.

Again please excuse my horrible art and my horrible Bio's ;A;

Art and Malik (c) Me
Avatar (c) Nickelodeon
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Rosli Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Aaaaa~! He looks so cool! ovo
Raisenka Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2012  Student Filmographer
ahh thank you bby! <333 X3 <33 :tighthug:
ShamanEileen Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Maliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik!! :la: He's just so great xD It was nice to read about him... I specially loved the things he would most likely say xD
He stole Coca... xD
Raisenka Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012  Student Filmographer
Maalliiikk :la: thank yooou ;A; <3333
I'm glad you like him! ;w; <33333 :glomp::tighthug:
bio's are not my strong point XDD
yes he did. he is a bit of a rebel. XD
LanokirX Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Waah, he looks awesome! Arrr, bender-pirate! ;D
Raisenka Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012  Student Filmographer
ehehe thankies!! :heart: :D
he's totally not a pirate...LOL XDDD
LanokirX Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha. xD Can easily see him hang around with Jack Sparrow. ;D
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